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Snake Removal

House Inspections

Snake Identification

We operate 24/7 so if you have spotted a snake on your property and would like it removed, Give us a call. We will come out as soon as possible to capture and relocate your snake.

It is crucial that you keep an eye on the snake until we get there as snakes have a habit of quickly disappearing.

All callouts are a $90 flat rate, this price includes the capture and relocation.

Call Now 0400 736 721

If you believe there is a snake in your roof or on your property And would like peace of mind, give us a call or send us a message. We will book a time to come out and do a full inspection of your roof or yard to find evidence of snake activity, locate any snakes and remove them.

We also give on site advise on how best to deter snakes and locate any openings where a snake might try to hide or try to enter your household.

$90 Roof or Yard inspection.

Call Now 0400 736 721

If you have found a snake and just want know it’s what it is and if it’s dangerous, Take a photo (the higher quality the better) and send it to us either through SMS – 0400 736 721 or message us through our Facebook page and we can identify it for you.

This service is FREE.

What To Do If You See A Snake

Fully licensed, insured and registered with the department of environment and science. This allows us to legally capture, remove & relocate the diverse range of Queensland’s snake and reptile species.

Watch & Monitor

Keep a safe distance, watch and monitor the snake until professional help arrives.

Call Immediately

In the instance of a snake in your home, be sure to contact assistance immediately. For the best chance of locating the snake is to ensure we get there as soon as possible.

Keep Away

Sunshine Coast is home to some of Australia's most venomous snakes, including the eastern brown snake, red belly black & many more. Keep Children and Pets well away.

Snake Bite

Dial 000 immediately. Apply first aid until help arrives.

Service Areas

Areas Covered: Caloundra to Noosa; Beerwah to Pomona;
Maleny to Mapleton and all areas in between.
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